Dynamic Safety Rental

Dynamic Safety offers rental of safety equipment for short term use during plant shutdown or
maintenance. All rental equipment are guaranteed to be well maintained in accordance with
the manufacturers' specification.
Equipment for rental covers Portable Gas Detectors and accessories, Self-Contained Breathing
Apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus and more ...

Dynamic Safety Service

Being an Authorized Service Center of MSA Safety Equipment, Dynamic Safety Sdn Bhd offers
a comprehensive service and maintenance program for MSA Portable Gas Detectors, Self-
Contained Breathing Apparatus and Fall Protection Products and Systems.
Service is performed by a team of MSA-trained and MSA-certified service technicians and
in accordance with MSA standard procedures.
Whether it is on-site or off-site calibration, repair, start-up and commissioning service,
preventive and periodic maintenance, Dynamic Safety caters for all your service needs.
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